About us

The idea of creating the Institute of Alisher Navoi is linked to a drama that shook the entire world with violence and hatred towards one’s neighbor by touching, directly or indirectly, a mass of people in various parts of the globe. It would seem that after the two world wars and countless local battles in the last hundred years, a humanity stepped into a truly digital age has sent these great sins on to touchscreens of modern devices for entertainment.

However, paradoxical detail is that each new stage of our universal evolution and achievements in some dimensions leaves us to face with even more sophisticated challenges in others. Some of them are coming from the Heartland, to be more precise, Central Asia, this slightly ajar pantry of the world history and culture, but also mineral resources and geopolitical ambitions. It pushed us, the founders of this voluntary association, to the most significant of all our previous individual and collaborative research. Namely, in order to serve the highest human ideals and try to find the ways for their realization, at least, in this particular region, (which is the historic birthplace of not only every each member of our team, but also the greatest humanist and philosopher of Eastern Renaissance, Alisher Navoiy).

Today, we focused on the weakest link of regional stability, carrying a number of threats on a continental scale. On the most beautiful but the poorest, the most free but unsafe at the same time country of the region. The Kyrgyz Republic, emerged as an unexpected gift for all five “stans”, once parts of the “great and mighty” USSR, twice in his brief independence, became the scene of a violent overthrows and the most horrible crimes against humanity, leading to enormous sacrifices, the endless human grief and humanitarian disaster. The authority of the fundamental human rights and freedoms, regional security, sustainable and dynamic development of the country for the benefit of every citizen and future generations, and high-quality administration at all levels of government, are experiencing their difficult test of its consistency in this country and the region as a whole.

Today, together with you, the impersonal observers and skillful experts we look for the answers to these challenges in the analytical and recommendatory perspectives. Moreover, if those who believe that the intention and thought are the beginning of any process of materialization are right, the word of ours here which lies somewhere in the middle of the way to a decisive action, is our modest contribution in the name of a noble purpose.

Alisher Navoiy Institute